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Sunday, 06 January 7:56 AM


Happy to announce my latest match!



Great story that made the news!



2 lives saved by one great Rabbi!




Mazel tov to



Rabbi Ephraim Simon, 51 year old father of 9

From Teaneck, NJ (runs the Chabad there)



He donated a kidney through me in 2009



Now donated part of his liver as well






Adam Levitz, 41 father of 3



 from Long Island, NY



Rare DOUBLE organ donor!



Transplant took place at the Cleveland Clinic



Here are GREAT stories of his double organ donation:



This was on (This is the best! See great photos as well.)

“Rare Kindness: Kidney Donor Rabbi Now Donates His Liver”


and the other story written about him in



“Dying Woodbury Man Gets Liver – And New Life – From NJ Rabbi



The transplant, Boruch Hashem was a huge success!



The liver recipient was told that he now has the liver function of a 20 year old!


*   *   *   *


Rabbi Simon first contacted me many years ago offering to donate a kidney as a result of a posting in the Teaneck Shuls Yahoo group.  He donated a kidney in 2009 to a father of 10 from Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


In 2012 he contacted me wanting to donate part of his liver as well. The problem was that most of the hospitals in the USA don’t allow kidney donors to also donate part of their liver. Rabbi Simon was willing to go anywhere to be able to do this great mitzvah and even contacted a hospital in Canada where I had someone who needed a liver donor. But that hospital rejected him too.   Rabbi Simon never gave up his dream of giving a part of his liver to save another life.  I had then found out that the Cleveland Clinic would allow a kidney donor to also donate part of their liver, and the rest is history


If you would like information on kidney or liver donation, please contact me.  I know many people in Israel who need a kidney in particular.


Hoping more lives will be saved as a result of Rabbi Simon’s organ donations!




Chaya Lipschutz

Kidney Donor and Kidney & Liver Matchmaker


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