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| Help for 94 year old traveler to Israel

Monday, 04 February 8:22 PM


 My Mom, who is an avid Zionist and has been to Israel numerous times is now 94 years old, and wishes to make one last trip to Israel late this spring or early this summer.  I've been able to find tour companies who will provide a folding wheelchair for her and will take her to wheelchair-accessible locations, but I have not been able to find someone who can push the wheelchair.  (Apparently, the tourist guides and drivers are not permitted to do so because of insurance limitations.)  

 We need to find someone strong enough to push the wheelchair with my Mom in it, including up mild slopes and curbs.  Second, we need someone who speaks English.  Third, we need to find someone who would not mind traveling around Israel for 3 to 4 weeks (we would pay for their hotels and meals.)

 Who would you suggest we contact for this?  Some ideas:  The placement office at an Israeli university, for a student who needs a job for part of the summer?  An agency that supplies this kind of help to elderly people or to hospitals?  A temporary employment agency?

 Any suggestions (with contact information) would be appreciated.

 Todah Rabah.



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