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Help me find Israel housing please?₪3000

Abby     any     1 rooms
Monday, 03 February 12:17 AM
I am 61 years old, my income is American Social Security. I travelled with my dog over 10,000 miles from the West Coast of North America to Casablanca, Morocco. I need your help locating an apartment, 2000-3000 ILS furnished, with dog, air conditioning & heating, clothes washer, wifi, bathtub, elevator. I will need help with getting food and seeing a neurologist for chronic tremors. No medical emergency. No psych issues. No family. No savings or credit, just steady income from Social Security. I am a dual citizen, toshevet chozeret. I grew up in Haifa, served in IDF, speak Hebrew, but I am alone now and need your help. Will you please help me locate a place to live and resettle in Israel? I left 42 years ago with my parents because I am the only child of a holocaust survivor. My parents are dead now. I need your help, please!
Abby Jo Ovitsky

Michael Levine, Real Estate Lawyer
Jerusalem, Mercaz
2 reviews
Amy Cohn Architects
02-623 4420
13 reviews
Penthouse - Storage

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