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| IsraeLifeTip - The 2018 Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen J17

Ami Raz    
Sunday, 02 December 7:02 AM

What is the most pesticide-ridden product sold today?


Should you buy organic (and pay extra) or not? My suggestion: buy organic products for the most pesticide-ridden fruits and vegetables. Stay away from organic products (and save) when buying the least polluted items.

Here are some good questions: Are potatoes on the Dirty Dozen list -- or the Clean Fifteen? What about onions? Should you be buying organic avocados? I keep a printout on on my fridge of the Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen and look it over before shopping.

The EWG (Environmental Working Group) recently released the 2018 figures, based on the US Department of Agriculture. See here.

And here is a link (in Hebrew) to a report issued by Adam Teva ve-Din in 2012 (I couldn't find a more updated report) about the amount of pesticides in Israeli fruits and vegetables. I translated the list of the 15 most pesticide-ridden fruits and vegetables – and the 10 least. Call or email me for a copy.

TIP: soak non-organic apples in one part salt and nine parts water and then wash them thoroughly to remove wax and pesticides -- as much as possible. And don’t peel them.

Best Wishes,
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