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| CompuTip - Shoot Your Computer Screen J-031

Ami Raz     Internet
Sunday, 08 March 6:33 AM
Sometimes, you need to send someone a snapshot of something on your computer screen.


I send snippets of my screen to my clients, my banker, my doctor, and my accountant.  Here's a solution that I use almost every day:  save a snapshot of all or part of your screen as a JPG picture file.

You can then send it out as an email attachment.  Or save it, print it, or even fax it out.  But beforehand, if needed, you can crop it, make it smaller or larger, or edit it.  Cropping lets you make a picture smaller by cutting off one or more edges of the picture.
For Window 10 - Use Win+Shift+S.  It changes your mouse pointer to a + which you can then click and drag to take a rectangular snapshot of your screen -- which is stored in your clipboard.  It then gives you access to Snip & Sketch, a Microsoft app which lets you easily crop, erase, highlight, and do other graphic manipulations of your picture.

For Windows 7 and up -- use the Windows Snipping Tool, located under Accessories.  I pinned it to my Start Menu, so that it is easily accessible.  

  • If the selection you want to save doesn't fit in one screen, try changing (temporarily) the screen resolution to larger numbers (and smaller text)  and THEN use the snapshot tool.  Save the resulting picture to your computer as a JPG file, or paste it into Word.

  • Most programs, including Word, Excel and Chrome have a “View, Full Screen” option which enables you to temporarily hide the menus, navigation bars, etc. -- showing you more text for clipping.

  • "Highlight"  is a very handy feature of Snip & Sketch (and the Windows 7 Snipping tool).  This lets you use an online marker to mark a section of your picture for emphasis in yellow (or another color of your choice).

  • You can also use the PRTSCR key on your keyboard to take a "snapshot" of your entire screen, which you can  then paste into Word or another program.

  • I use the free IrfanView program to "edit" my screen selections (and other pictures).  

  • Here is an informative tutorial for Snip & Sketch.
Best Wishes,
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